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I grew up at a time when men were supposed to be better than women. Patronising, wolf-whistling and all that, Andy Capp still a strip cartoon. But growing up with an emotional mother and four strong-willed sisters cast doubts upon the supposed superiority of men still bristling with masculinity after returning from a war. It seemed that women are born with trouble but men have to go out and look for it. Perhaps it’s just jealousy ‘cos we all like a fight for a just cause and women have many more grievances in their natural state.


Emotional scars can last a lifetime and dictate what you see in the world whether it’s real or unreal. Healing the scars is essential for a balanced life. Divorce from a relationship can create deep scars. Not been through such divorce myself (except that from a religious upbringing) but observed the suffering from close range, hence the story.