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‘L’ for Louisa

The latest story contribution is about a very ordinary bloke on a commuter train but this is the thread, woven into his life from the outside that he has to contend with;- ……. In the natural world, the morality of fairness does not exist. Life gets lived to the rules only of survival. If fairness belongs to the higher order of the human condition, it is not always practised, especially when the best advantage can be gained by ignoring it. Fortune only favours the brave in hindsight, and if it suits the analyst to consider it so.

The Four Ringtones of the Apocalypse

Life moves forwards. Why forwards and not sideways or backwards is a matter for phycisists to attempt to answer, but it always seems like it has a forward direction. Events, situations and circumstances also follow their own direction, which have a parallel status to the life of any individual. A bit like a cable, built up from a collection of individual wires. A cable can be twisted but the wires inside remain parallel to each other. Even the threads of a DNA molecule twist and turn but can only mutate when interfered from the outside. Thus, when life events cross,and the parallels are in conflict, they can cause such a mutation or short circuit, and the path of an individual’s life can stop, or take an entirely different direction. Whatever the explanation or purpose in life, it doesn’t stop Cedric saying bollocks.


I enjoy writing among many things. Achievement is understanding that there are those who enjoy, to whatever degree, what I have written. The next story to be published (on Smashwords) is a bit of the twisted wires mentioned above, though nobody says bollocks.