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The Skinless Guest

The short stories I write are ideal, or just convenient, for a coffee break moment or to provide a break in a long journey. If you are not drving of course (lol).  And then of course, they are only ‘ideal’ or convenient, if you happen to like them. Which you might not. I often set them off from the publication date for free so that is the best time to catch them. The latest short picks up the personal identity theme again. We change in small ways to suit the theme of the moment. The way in which you tell your mother-in-law to go away is different to the way you might shout at a nuisance motorist to get out of the way. Small changes in manner but change nevertheless.

Then if you are confused about your own identity, there are more drastic ways of changing. Like completely. Body and soul. Some reasons can be choice, or masquerade as choice; some can be chosen for you. Spies eg maybe. Out with the old; in with the new –  a fresh start for a new personality.