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A Bad Day For an Urban Sasquatch

Being out of work in modern, industrial society is never a good thing for those who would want to work. Herman has been made redundant from the steelworks where he has worked all his life. His skills are specific, and there is no employment available where he can reprise his skills. They are all he has, and all he knows. Looking for work is difficult and many people are going after the same jobs that are on offer.

When the opportunity of a job interview is offered to him, he is keen to attend, but it means getting dressed up in a suit, and this is way out of his comfort zone. He has to rely on his wife to dress the suit and tie upon him. He has only ever been used to greasy overalls and casual wear. As soon as he leaves the house he is a fish out of water. His dress sense, as well as being the subject of his own discomfort, also it appears to his self-consciousness, acutely subject to the criticism of those folk who populate the streets.

In order to survive this uncomfortable, psychological ordeal, he seeks refuge in the music within his head and can only revert to the true, private and fully integrated person that lives within him, on his return to his home and his overalls.