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The Ellis family

The Ellis family members are only largely known as practitioners of weird and wonderful sounding concepts such as phrenology, psychometry, chiromancy etc at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries on
wide and exhilarating sea front of busy Blackpool on the west coast of Lancashire, UK. But there is much more to the story than that. They were both show people and entrepreneurs, being influential in the origins of the iconic Pleasure Beach, and they became very rich out of their endeavours. They never failed to argue and stand up for the genuine nature of their firmly held beliefs, and this led to fines, imprisonment and heated discussions in the local Council chamber when Albert Ellis was elected to represent the Brunswick ward of the town.

Blackpool in the 1850’s

This is the decade when several factors coincided to create a structure for the town which began the path of development towards the modern town that is evident today. I have scanned several thousand newspaper articles and derived the information from several hundred.

The District of Revoe, Blackpool

Ibbison St in Blackpool Lancashire, is where my father was born, just after the hostilities of WW1 had ended, but the troubled peace still had to be negotiated, each individual, human being bearing its traumas, as they carried on their day-to-day lives. Blackpool was a rich town, but Ibbison and the district of Revoe, to which it belonged, weren’t. It was one of two ‘working class’ concentrations in the town.  My story of the street and the district here is mostly from the newspapers.


If we can all be ‘proper Charlies’ with some kind of pride these days, are we not more certainly ‘proper Charlies’ if we accept that there are no limits to the freedom of speech?

Amazon v Hachette

I’m not too sure about the ins and outs or the complexities of the argument between Amazon and Hachette but, as an author, if you choose exclusivity, you are subscribing to employment status rather than self-employment status. Which is ok if that’s what you want. In the free market you set your price and the distributor sets its price, and you can choose to accept or reject that price. In this case, I suspect that your destiny is in the control of your hands rather than your dreams. Exclusivity, I would think, is a carrot which could have a very bad taste.

End of Smashwords read an ebook week

Smashwords read an ebook is over. It is always a successful way of increasing connectivity with others which is probably the strongest personal drive of authorship. It’s like that table you are sat at in the bar or the pub or the cafe is extended to reach across the world and the people around it can hear you, if they choose to listen, as much as you can hear those who you choose to listen to, whether it be another author, or those who might review your words.

It would be wrong not to include a ‘thankyou’ to Smashwords and Mark Coker for making it all possible.


smashwords read an Ebook week

This week I’ve enrolled in the Smashwords ‘read an Ebook week’. Each year in March it is a promotion in which authors are invited to reduce the prices of their books or offer them for free. At present, my short stories are free as I publish them, and those that have a small price tag will be free during the promotional week which starts at midnight as Sunday, the  2nd March begins. ‘

Jimmy Bucklesmith’s Unexpected Day Out;  ‘The Proud Black and White Speckled Hen’ and ‘Skipdoll’ are all offered for free for the week, via their links at the bottom of this page.