Jimmy Bucklesmith

In the first of three projected books (the second in process of writing,) Jimmy Bucklesmith belongs to a not-too-futuristic society in which freedom of choice, once in wild abandon on a uniformly world wide scale, had settled back into a default setting of some freedoms being more available and acceptable than others.

It is a congested world in which diverse poulations are tightly packed into sprawling urbanisations. These populations are subdivided into districts which have naturally developed their own laws and rules, and which work outside the laws and rules of the elected world leaders. Each district has its own patriarchal (or matriarchal) family who have achieved power because they are the fittest, not the finest and they are the de facto, but non-elected, leaders.

Jimmy takes the opportunity to break out of the enforced isolation of his home life, and experience the streets of the real world around him for the first time, but is handicapped by a pair of legs that won’t let him walk in a conventional manner. Ultimately, these legs prove a great asset in his strive for friendships and achievements as a human being, as he leaves childhood behind and gains the status of adulthood in his world. In this world, the self-perception of each human being, in the competitive nature of human society, can be enhanced or confused by the fact that human body parts can be quite easily exchanged. Jimmy, however, finds more strength in relying on his instinctive self, rather than going for the more simple solution of change to enhance his status with those around him. In his adventures, he is confronted by who he is, and who he could be instead, a conflict he readily observes in others as he wrestles with the rationality of both his inner and his outer life.


If we can all be ‘proper Charlies’ with some kind of pride these days, are we not more certainly ‘proper Charlies’ if we accept that there are no limits to the freedom of speech?

myra thorndyke

Sometimes there doesn’t have to be anything paranormal about life after death. If someone dies, the influence of their spirit can live on, not only as a memory but also as an imitation. Ectoplasm might be an unknown, physical quantity but influence, with no physical substance to it, is equally active after death.

In Heaven’s Glorious Bosom

In Heaven’s Glorious Bosom is not just the subliminal celebration of a portion of the female form. It is largely about the chasms that keep socially different people apart. This particular chasm concerns the difference in the levels of disposable income available to the one or the other social group, and which dictates the status of both. But then, bosoms, or jugs, are forever the same whatever the social divisions.

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Amazon v Hachette

I’m not too sure about the ins and outs or the complexities of the argument between Amazon and Hachette but, as an author, if you choose exclusivity, you are subscribing to employment status rather than self-employment status. Which is ok if that’s what you want. In the free market you set your price and the distributor sets its price, and you can choose to accept or reject that price. In this case, I suspect that your destiny is in the control of your hands rather than your dreams. Exclusivity, I would think, is a carrot which could have a very bad taste.

‘L’ for Louisa

The latest story contribution is about a very ordinary bloke on a commuter train but this is the thread, woven into his life from the outside that he has to contend with;- ……. In the natural world, the morality of fairness does not exist. Life gets lived to the rules only of survival. If fairness belongs to the higher order of the human condition, it is not always practised, especially when the best advantage can be gained by ignoring it. Fortune only favours the brave in hindsight, and if it suits the analyst to consider it so.

The Four Ringtones of the Apocalypse

Life moves forwards. Why forwards and not sideways or backwards is a matter for phycisists to attempt to answer, but it always seems like it has a forward direction. Events, situations and circumstances also follow their own direction, which have a parallel status to the life of any individual. A bit like a cable, built up from a collection of individual wires. A cable can be twisted but the wires inside remain parallel to each other. Even the threads of a DNA molecule twist and turn but can only mutate when interfered from the outside. Thus, when life events cross,and the parallels are in conflict, they can cause such a mutation or short circuit, and the path of an individual’s life can stop, or take an entirely different direction. Whatever the explanation or purpose in life, it doesn’t stop Cedric saying bollocks.


I enjoy writing among many things. Achievement is understanding that there are those who enjoy, to whatever degree, what I have written. The next story to be published (on Smashwords) is a bit of the twisted wires mentioned above, though nobody says bollocks.


I grew up at a time when men were supposed to be better than women. Patronising, wolf-whistling and all that, Andy Capp still a strip cartoon. But growing up with an emotional mother and four strong-willed sisters cast doubts upon the supposed superiority of men still bristling with masculinity after returning from a war. It seemed that women are born with trouble but men have to go out and look for it. Perhaps it’s just jealousy ‘cos we all like a fight for a just cause and women have many more grievances in their natural state.


Emotional scars can last a lifetime and dictate what you see in the world whether it’s real or unreal. Healing the scars is essential for a balanced life. Divorce from a relationship can create deep scars. Not been through such divorce myself (except that from a religious upbringing) but observed the suffering from close range, hence the story.

Last Orders at Waterloo

I’ve worked with people who have drunk themselves to death. Men; but no doubt there are women too. When there isn’t a war to fight, you fight yourself, your circumstances and your problems. They can’t be defined, but a pint of beer or a glass of scotch can. It’s a challenge to life itself. If life is getting at you, you fight back and challenge the alcohol to get the better of you, or else. You fight the alcohol and ignore the real reasons for needing to fight. That’s my take anyway. The alcohol got ‘Dave’ in the end, and he was a hero only among his drinking friends.