Writing can be a bit like having a chat with a group of people in a bar or a pub or a casual, public meeting place. It’s just that, in publishing your thoughts and experiences, the whole world can hear you, if it chooses to listen, much more so today with the availability of self e-publishing. Sometimes, depending upon what ears they’re wearing, the person at the other side of the world can hear you much clearer than the person within touching distance of you, though you don’t see these distant listeners laugh, cry, or fume with disapproval, as you might with those who are physically next to you.


I like to think that, since human beings ultimately share all the same characteristics in differing degrees, my characters and stories reflect the group of friends and acquaintances in the intimate meeting place, as much as those unknown, and at the other side of the world that might read what’s been written.

There is a fourth dimension to publishing. In a pub, you stop talking when you’re dead but, once published, you carry on talking in the afterlife. Some of the deadest people can speak the loudest to you, as they have to me.

I hope my stories can entertain, whether liked or not….. and thank all those who have, to date, reviewed in criticism or appreciation, or have assisted in the publishing process, as much as those who have built the pub or public meeting place, in which you can sit around and discuss….

My interests are varied. I don’t think I have any hobbies; rather just ‘do’ things. Writing is the end of product of doing things, because then you know what you are talking about. I have been a builder as well as working with timber and tried toy making for a short time.  I have worked with many different people in many casual jobs, in many different places, sometimes for the money sometimes for the experience, always for the necessity to survive. I was brought up in religion but would call myself agnostic now, not out of disinterest but out of positive decision.

I suppose I can enjoy doing a jigsaw as much I would enjoy walking up a mountain or changing a chimney pot on a windswept roof (…..with a change of underpants to hand). I enjoyed my years as an archaeologist because they were itinerant and unrooted – people, places and hard, physical work, living in a tent in the summer months.

I am now settled and have a wife and two sons and twin grandsons. My early life – and that of my siblings has been more easily explained by research into the family history; which is an absorbing and ongoing thing. It’s about learning how other people have survived as much as you see about you how the living do the same…..and you take it all in… and then perhaps, write it all out.

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