We grow up and are subject to different experiences in our lives. Nobody is free of troubles. Some people are more capable of challenging and overcoming adversity and some have much easier adversities to overcome than other people. Jade-Marie has her own particular difficulties in growing up into adulthood when her needs are greatest. But then so have her parents had – and probably their parents before them. When you are given the baton for your generation to carry forward, it does not always possess the correct programming,  and it is difficult to know just what to do with it. Often the adult world that has preceded you can only give you questions and problems that they have not been able to resolve themselves. It’s par for the course. Jade-Marie perseveres, like we almost all do. If any of us are allowed personal achievement out of adversity it is indeed, thrilling.

Jade Marie is fifteen years old. Her parents are n conflict and she doesn’t know why. Living on an isolated farm helps to exacerbate her defensive introversion as she can walk the fields without any social contact. At school however a social life has to be maintained at least to the minimum. Her lonliness increases as she feels the world around her has let her down, and she has difficulty in dertermining her place within it. Stout of heart, however, she battles on, at one time with only an inanimate, but seemingly alive, doll as company in human form, and forces which don’t appear to belong to the physical world.

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