The Queue for the Bog

Words are wonderful. The same word can change its meaning entirely with just an inflexion of the voice. Sometimes, in my current job especially, I have greeted a stranger with a hello and they look at me as if I am about to kill them. It’s just a practical greeting, with the opposite intention of murder. Because I rarely have a smile from ear to ear, and there’s no kiss-ass involved, I perhaps convey the wrong meaning. So the word ‘bog’, in some circles means toilet/washroom/WC etc etc. and the use of any of these can cause a giggle. Contrasted with the ‘Bog’ in which devastated folk at their wits end want to find eternal fame because their own lives have been perceived to have been failures, then the sublime sleeps uncomfortably next to the ridiculous, which is often the case in many aspects of life. There is always a regular queue for fame as much as there is a regular queue for the ‘bog’.

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