Yer Main Ingerland Man

In popular football (soccer) chanting ‘England’ becomes ‘Ingerland’ in order for it to scan and maintain a rhythm. In those sports  which are subject to economic laws, and driven by success alone, managers and players become commodities. They are gods when things are going right, and demons when they’re not.  My brother is involved in grassroots athletics, in which everyone can strive for greatness. In those sports of high, corporate finance however, once greatness is achieved and the individual sits atop of the sporting personality pyramid, there is the danger of wallowing in its success, and letting the strive for greatness slip.  The peripherals of sport then become more entertaining, and sometimes more important  than the sport itself. Might as well have Santa Claus in charge, it’s sometimes no more ridiculous. Now try FC United, a democratically owned and people-run club.

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